The Lead Trustee is: Veronica Franklin

We are pleased that you have chosen our village hall for your event.  This pack is to answer any questions you may have but if we don’t cover what you want to know please feel free to contact any of the Trustees.  Some of the areas in the pack are mandated by law and where this is the case we have made this clear.


Unless advised otherwise, keys can be obtained from, and returned to, the Treasurer and Booking Secretary, Pauline Crisp, 5 Cedar Close, Worton.  Other key holders are Veronica Franklin (Chair and Trustee) 726845, Hilary Groves (Trustee) 721963, Jane Loveys (Trustee) 729539, Sarah Devine (Trustee) 720244 and Jeff Stocks (Trustee) 726845.


The central heating boiler is situated in the boiler room next to the kitchen.  The system time clock is set by the Booking Secretary. The thermostat is located at the back of the Hall on the left of the store room door.  If you need to adjust this, please make sure you return it to the previous setting on leaving the hall.


Hot water is provided by an immersion heater.  The switch for this is in the kitchen above the kettles.  You will need to switch this on when you arrive. Please ensure you turn this off when leaving the hall.


If you are using the cooker you need to switch it on at the switch on the left hand side in the cupboard above the stove.  Please ensure you turn this off when leaving the hall.


In the event of an emergency, the mains stop cock to turn the water off is located in the store room.  


The electricity mains isolation switch is located in the electrical cupboard in the inner lobby (on the wall by the fire exit door).


The hall holds cutlery, crockery and glasses for up to 40 people.  Additional cutlery and crockery will be made available if you let the Booking Secretary know that it is required.
The kitchen has a refrigerator, a two-oven stove, hob, two electric kettles, electric urn and a microwave.
There is a vacuum cleaner and sweeping brush in the store room on the right hand far corner of the main hall.
There are three sets of mops and buckets colour-coded to each area (one for the main hall and lobbies - GREEN; one for the kitchen - YELLOW and one for the toilets - RED).  Please ensure that the correct set is used in each location.  This is a Health and Safety requirement.
Any articles or additional equipment brought into the hall for social events must be removed not later than 10am the following morning.  Regular users can, with the agreement of the Trustees, store equipment at the hall but should ensure they have the relevant insurance cover in place.
No hall property should be removed from the premises without permission (a fee may be charged to borrow equipment).
Any damages or breakages must be reported to a Trustee immediately – a list can be found above.
If you bring your own equipment on site, it is your responsibility to ensure it is in a safe condition and complies with legal requirements.  All electrical goods have to have an up-to-date PAT test.
The Trustees accept no responsibility for articles left on the premises, nor for any personal accidents or injuries.


It is your responsibility to clean the hall after you use it.  Please endeavour to leave it as you would wish to find it and please do not forget to empty the bins in the toilets and kitchen and put into the wheelie bin outside the hall.  Please use the buckets as indicated above (this is a Health and Safety requirement).  Please use the recycling bins in the kitchen as appropriate.


No chairs or other obstructions should be placed in front of the Emergency Exits.  The ‘FIRE EXIT’ signs must remain permanently visible. It is the law that each event has a Responsible Person – that person must make themselves aware of the location and use of the Fire Fighting Equipment, Fire Notices and Escape Routes.  He/she should also note the location of the mains isolation switch (see ‘Electricity Isolation’ above). All details can be found in the policies folder in the kitchen. There is a separate sheet in this welcome pack that tells you more about the responsibilities of this role and an additional sheet to tell you about the Fire Evacuation procedures.  These are also displayed in the hall.


Users are reminded that they are responsible for their own Health and Safety within the hall.  A copy of the hall Health & Safety Policy can be found in the policies folder in the kitchen along with the current Risk Assessment.
Please make sure that when moving equipment such as tables and chairs you do so in a safe manner.  Please be careful not to over-stack chairs in the store room. Please do not store anything where it is likely to cause a hazard to other users.  Clear up any spillages immediately.  Cleaning equipment can be found under the sink in the kitchen.   If you need to work at height e.g. putting up decorations, a step ladder is available for use located in the store room, please use it correctly – there is a leaflet on ladder safety in the policies folder in the kitchen.
The kitchen contains items which could pose a risk to small children.  Because of this children under 12 are not allowed in the kitchen unaccompanied, to prevent accidents.


The Accident Book is located in the kitchen.  Any injuries must be reported to a Trustee.


There is a generic First Aid kit available in the drawers of the kitchen.  However, this may not be adequate for your event e.g. should you have children attending or if you are preparing and serving food.  In these instances it will be your responsibility to ensure that appropriate additional kit is provided.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the hall. This is a legal requirement.


If you are using the kitchen to prepare food it is the law that you make yourselves aware of and implement the Food Handling rules.  These are reproduced for you on a separate sheet in this welcome pack.


There is a separate sheet in this welcome pack to tell you what the hall is, and is not, licensed for.  If you are planning to sell alcohol at your event, even as part of a general ticket price, you must apply to Wiltshire Council for a Temporary Event Notice (TENs) at least 10 days before your event.


Before leaving, please ensure that all of the rooms you have used are clean and tidy – floors swept, furniture put away, washing up completed and any rubbish from the kitchen & toilets placed in the outside wheelie bin.  Please take home any excess rubbish and anything that can be recycled.
Turn off the cooker switch if you have used it.
Turn off the hot water immersion switch if you have used it.
Ensure that all doors and windows are firmly closed and that all lights are off – don’t forget to check the lights in the toilets.
Before locking up and returning the keys, please make sure the building is empty.
Please ensure that the external door is bolted top and bottom before leaving.


Village organisations are welcome to place notices of forthcoming events on the notice board in the entrance lobby.  Please remove when the event is over. The Trustees reserve the right to remove notices. Nothing should be fixed to walls or doors without permission.  Please do not cover any Trustees Notices as these are required by law.


The hall has an Environmental Policy and Trustees urge you to be aware of electricity and water usage and to recycle as much of your rubbish as possible.  Recycling bins are in place to assist with this. In addition, you are asked to consider the environmental impact of any decorations that you use, in particular glitter.

To be reviewed bi-annually.Reviewed: October 2019 Next review: October 2021